Wenzhou Intelssm Electronics Co., Ltd is a technology enterprise with R&D service oriented. We are one of the one-stop electronics manufacturing leaders dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for electronic products. Take R&D as the core, also with components sourcing, PCB fabrication, SMT production, THT production, function testing and products assembly services, the products can be widely used in smart home system, industry, security, medical facility and consumer electronics etc.  

荔枝视频app黄板下载-荔枝视频app下载污免费-免费荔枝视频app污Having experienced engineering team and advanced automatic production lines, we actively assist customers to optimize structure design and process design. It makes to shorten the production cycle, improve the quality, and reduce the costs. Persist in the principle of Quality, Speed, Technology and Value, we achieve cost optimization, efficiency maximization and competitiveness maximization.

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